Introducing our sixth character card: Guinevere


Guinevere is one of Adrienne Woods Characters. 

She is in the story The Forgotten Queen, a Dragonian Series novella and follows the story of King Albert’s father and his first love Guinevere. Their love was forbidden at the stage that they met, not just because she is not royalty, but because she is a dragon. A Swallow Annex to be precise.

Swallow Annex’ are silver dragons who are part of the Metallic race. They are extremely fast fliers and can heal human injuries.

During the ruling of William Malone and his son Alexander Malone, dragons were slaughtered by knights to protect the kingdom of Paegeia. 

Guinevere never intended to fall for Prince Louis, but as the saying goes, the heart wants what the heart wants, the fact that their love was forbidden held no warning to her. It’s a secret she would bare to be with him.

Find out how strong Louis and Guinevere’s love truly is and what it set of in motion for the entire Dragonians and their dragons.

The Forgotten Queen is part of the Playing with Fire Boxedset and is Exclusively written for this bundle.


Kristin Ping will be giving away Guinevere.

If you missed it, not to worry. Just follow Adrienne’s Social media accounts where she will give you another opportunity to claim Guinevere.