Welcome to Playing with Fire Boxedset Website

Welcome to our website. 

Fire Quill Publishers are dedicated to release one boxed set each year. For 2019, we’re proud to announce Playing with Fire, which includes the theme of forbidden love theme in paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Twelve international and USA Todaybestselling authors are participating in this boxed set, offering stories from witches to enhanced robots that will entertain you for hours of delightful reading.

Please feel free to click around and meet all the fabulous authors by reading their individual pages accessed from the Our Authors menu above. Better yet, get to know them personally through out the preorder period.

Join our Facebook party and enjoy our weekly and monthly giveaways.

Preorders begin on April 9 to October 2019. With every preorder, we’re offering a gift of free reads boxed set. 

We also have character cards that you can collect on a weekly basis.

Don’t miss out on the celebration. This certainly is a boxed set filled with tremendously fun giveaways.